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Fully qualified team of fire
and security engineers

Protecting your family from
smoke and carbon monoxide

A smoke detector

Be warned with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Early warning is crucial when it comes to silent and invisible killers. If you have a smoke detector or carbon monoxide detector fitted, they can save lives. The detectors are connected to your alarm system so there’s no need to replace the batteries. If you’re out and alarm is set then it’ll ring, letting your neighbours and the key holders know. Having carbon monoxide and smoke alarms will help protect your family.

 A carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is the invisible killer

Most people have smoke detectors but carbon monoxide detectors are less common. This doesn’t make sense. Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that can cause the sudden onset of illness and even death. Many carbon monoxide detectors will just have a 'colour change' spot to indicate if there are any traces of carbon monoxide in your home, but it's important to get a detector with an audible alarm that way you will be alerted if sleeping or neighbours will hear it if you’re out.

Protect your family with carbon monoxide
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