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 A keyring with a fob on it

Upgrade your home security

Stay ahead of potential intruders with the latest house alarms. Secure One alarms are the latest in home security. They are very user-friendly. It requires no codes or keys and can be set by simply swiping a small tag across the keypad. Codes can be used if you want to but aren’t usually needed. The elegant, slim house alarm bell has an anti-tamper device for added security. Get in touch with us to find out how we can enhance your home’s security with an alarm upgrade.

 A detector alarm

Intelligent alarms

The Intelligent Setting feature is an added benefit. Most intruder panels require additional button presses to partially set certain zones (e.g. bed time set). Our house alarm monitors, which movement detectors you pass through, sets itself accordingly. There is an event history of settings and you can get alerts via SMS text messaging to your mobile phone. An easy to read LCD display shows written text rather than just illuminating LEDs.

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