Do I choose a Wired or Wireless home CCTV system?

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Installing a CCTV system is increasingly becoming the first choice for those looking to protect their home and loved ones and when combined with other home security methods, form a compelling anti-intruder environment.

Wired home CCTV system

This is the most reliable form of CCTV system as it is less likely to encounter interference from devices such as routers, microwaves and other devices, the digital signal can even be blocked by heavy masonry or metal objects. Although the installation is slightly longer, the resulting benefits far outweigh this. A high quality CCTV system, installed by a professional and reputable company will have minimal visible wiring, as opposed to the DIY option which often involves cheaper, lower quality cameras with extension cables and connectors everywhere.

Wireless home CCTV system

Portable cameras transmit images to your computer, tablet or mobile phone, using analogue or digital technology. Wireless cameras are susceptible to interference from other devices and your filming may be interrupted if your internet connection is lost.

IP CCTV system (wired and wireless)

Both wired and wireless home CCTV systems can use your network or internet portal (IP) to send images to your computer’s router, which allows you to view the footage over the internet from remote locations via your mobile device or PC, or via an app. Be sure to use a trustworthy security company to install and set up your home CCTV system, who can advise and protect you against hackers.

Can my CCTV cameras get hacked?

Yes! It has been reported that hackers can hijack connections to a device’s IP address, putting people, their properties, privacy and data at risk. An IP address can easily provide a gateway to an entire network, enabling anyone with malicious intent to corrupt all systems or extract huge amounts of data. Be sure to get your CCTV system installed by a professional, reputable company who can demonstrate that they have thought about this element of your security.

Other considerations

Outdoor CCTV cameras

If you’re using CCTV cameras outside, make sure they’re weatherproof and can stand up to the elements. Wireless cameras are available, but you’ll have to run a cable to a power source, or provide an alternative power source such as batteries or solar panels. Remember to place cameras where they cannot be tampered with but which are accessible enough for you to reach for maintenance and cleaning. Vandal-proof cameras are available but tend to be more expensive.

CCTV footage resolution

For the best quality images, choose high resolution cameras. The clearer the image, the higher the chance that an intruder can be identified and, as long as the date and time used to ‘tag’ the images is set correctly, could be used as evidence in court.

Remote access

Some home CCTV systems can connect to an app to let you view images from anywhere in the world, other home CCTV systems (IP), let you check images over the internet using a PC or smartphone. Or, if you are looking for something a little more simple, there is the option of email or text notifications when cameras are activated.

Night vision

Standard colour CCTV cameras can struggle in low light, so choose monochrome (black and white) CCTV with integral infrared illumination features. Some systems will film in colour during the day and switch to monochrome when it gets dark.

Motion detection

If the quantity of data produced from your CCTV system is a problem, perhaps consider motion detection CCTV cameras which have a sensor that turns them on when they detect movement.

Privacy and CCTV

You must comply with privacy laws if you install CCTV cameras outside your property. You’ll need to ensure that your cameras aren’t pointing at public spaces, or other people’s gardens or houses.

In short, there are a multitude of options available to you at varying prices. Finding the right system to fit your home and budget can be tricky, so speak to an expert and contact Secure One for a no-obligation quote.