Why should I pay for a maintenance contract?

Secure One Home and Business Security Maintenance

Why would you invest in a home security system to protect your most valuable asset and then leave it without servicing and maintenance? How can you be sure that it is going to work when you really need it if you haven’t done anything to ensure everything is working as it should?

Most people have a home security system installed and everything runs so smoothly with it for the first few years that they simply see a maintenance contract as an unnecessary cost. No news is good news, right? Wrong. Behind the scenes, your home security system is subject to wear and tear and sooner or later it will let you know that it’s in trouble. Often very loudly, at 2am.


Emergency call outs are expensive and stressful.

The battery in your alarm will fail eventually. You often won’t know this has happened until you have a power cut or a surge and your battery tries to provide the power to keep your burglar alarm running, only to find that it doesn’t have enough charge and then the alarm will sound. If you don’t have a maintenance contract and the alarm sounds in the middle of the night, you could find it very difficult to find a local supplier who will come to you quickly. If, after multiple phone calls, you do manage to find someone, are you sure they are a reputable company and that they are familiar with the type of burglar alarm you have? On top of all that stress, be prepared to pay a hefty emergency call out fee.

By paying for a regular service on your home alarm as part of a maintenance contract, you reduce the risk of technical failure and general wear-and-tear on parts that are exposed to the weather 24/7 on the exterior of your house.

So, what are you paying for?

By taking out an annual maintenance contract with Secure One, you are ensuring that your home alarm system is fit to do the job it was installed to do. Our highly trained engineers will attend your home, at a time and date convenient to you, and:

  • Check installation, location and siting of all equipment against specification
  • Check operation of all detection and hold up devices
  • Check tamper detection
  • Check mains and standby power supplies (batteries) including charging rates
  • Check control unit for correct operation setting unsettling entry-exit procedure
  • If applicable, check remote communication channels are working and set up correctly
  • Check all audible warning devices and alarms devices for correct operation
  • Check environmental conditions for adverse effects
  • Carry out visual inspection for potential problems
  • Check system is fully operational
  • Check system is returned to day mode
  • Rebadge bell box if required
  • Provide a report to you



Should you experience a fault with your alarm system whilst you have a maintenance plan, our engineers are on hand to respond to your call, 24/7, with no charge for call outs or alarm repairs. Plus, you will receive preferential rates off any parts.

Committing to an annual service and maintenance contract on your home alarm system may earn you a discount off your home insurance (depending on your insurer). But don’t be tempted to claim a discount if you don’t have an annual service. Without an annual inspection report you could find that your home insurance company refuses to pay out if the worst should happen.

So, afford yourself some peace of mind for as little as 31p per day and sign up for a maintenance plan with Secure One.